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Ningbo Made Robot "brains" Won National Award
Updated:2018-01-08 15:12:00

It is learned from Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau that the "Ruizhi" intelligent robot controller developed by Zhejiang Zhichang Industry Co. Ltd. won the first place in the national robot controller competition conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
As the core part of intelligent robots, the robot controllers serve as the "brains" of the robots. Led by Gan Zhongxue, an expert from the first batch of national "1000-talent plan", Zhejiang Zhichang Industry in Yuyao County invested about 40 million yuan and developed the Ruizhi intelligent robot controller after 30 months'research and development. The controller, by breaking through the bottleneck for robot moving control, has managed to break the monopoly of the foreign products in the high-quality controller technologies for industrial robots.



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