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Hangzhou Bay Wetland Approved As state-level Wetland Park
Updated:2018-01-05 09:58:00

According to the newly issued approval result of the 2017 national pilot wetland parks by the State Forestry Administration, the Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park has been approved as the state-level wetland park, the only one approved in Ningbo.
The Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, located to the west of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, with a total area of 63.8 square kilometers, is one of the top eight salty wetlands in China and one of the largest salty-water wetlands in East Asia. As a typical coastal wetland eco-system, it covers such wetland types as the coastal intertidal zone, the offshore sandbank and the reclaimed pond wetland. Thanks to its perfect eco-system, the wetland park has become an important stop for the migration of birds from East Asia or even Australia as well as an important stopover site for such endangered bird species as Saunders's Gull and black-faced spoonbill, and has been referred to as a "paradise for birds".
So far, over 220 kinds of birds have been spotted in the park, including 24 kinds listed on the "list of wildlife under special state protection" and 17 kinds listed on the "list of birds under treat in China" issued by IUCN. There are 281 kinds of bundle plants, 192 kinds of phytoplankton plants on water, 121 kinds of large-scale zoobenthos and 78 kinds of fish, which have formed a variety of biotic communities in the park.



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