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Ningbo's Tax Revenue Up By 12.4% in 2017
Updated:2018-01-04 14:55:00

It is learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance and Ningbo SAT that in 2017 the total tax revenue for the city reached 241.56 billion yuan, up by 12.4% over the previous year. Among others, the local public revenue stood at 124.51 billion yuan, up by 10.9%, while the central financial revenue stood at 117.05 billion yuan, up by 14%. The public financial expense of the city reached 141 billion yuan, up by 9.4% over the previous year. The national tax revenue stood at 163.482 billion yuan.
Since 2016, the financial and taxation departments at all levels of Ningbo have promoted the taxation system reform and budget management system reform and implemented the "one-stop administration" policy, which has played a positive role in the promotion of the coordinated sustainable development of economy and society in Ningbo. In 2017, the local taxation departments achieved a total tax revenue of 62.96 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the financial and taxation departments have actively implemented the structural tax reduction and general reduction policies to reduce the tax burdens of the small and micro enterprises, high-tech enterprises and enterprises in need. Other policies including optimizing the expense structure, prioritizing such livelihood expenses as education and medicine, social security and employment and public traffic, and guaranteeing the expenses of such major projects as the "Made in China 2025" pilot city construction.



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