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Ningbo Promotes Belt and Road Initiative Project
Updated:2017-12-05 14:32:00

Ningbo, Zhejiang province's first pilot zone for projects connected to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), promoted 100 projects to businesspeople from around the world at the 4th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention in Hangzhou.
The event was aimed at showcasing Ningbo's plan on BRI development and to promote key projects to potential investors.
Over 500 people including 375 entrepreneurs attended the promotional conference, looking to find investment opportunities in Ningbo.
Song Yueshun, the executive vice mayor of Ningbo introduced the overall plan for the construction of the pilot zone including the four platforms and six major projects. He selected seven important projects concerning different industries to give detailed explanations.
A total of 100 projects at an estimated investment volume of 526.7 billion yuan ($79.69 million) were presented to the attendees.
Ningbo was selected as the pilot zone for projects connected to China's BRI this September. The document released by the provincial government put forward that Meishan New Area in Ningbo which will be developed into a strategic hub for "Belt and Road" projects will be the main focus of the pilot zone.
The development work of the zone will include improvements to the area's logistics industry, investment and trade environment, and financial services industry, as well as enhancing cooperation between industrial and tech companies and raising the number of cultural exchanges the area takes part in.



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