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Ningbo-CEEC Expo and Cooperation Agency Built
Updated:2017-12-03 09:52:00

Ningbo made “pragmatic and enthusiastic” response to the “applause” sent by Budapest; and the Ningbo-CEEC Expo and Cooperation Agency was officially established several hours later. The Agency can be assumed as China’s first institution that deals with related affairs of CEEC (central and eastern European countries) established by local government, representing Ningbo’s pioneering performance in complementing “16+1” cooperation.
It is reported that the Agency is at the deputy bureau level with an authorized size of 15 staff and four sub-institutions, a public class Ⅱ institution of Ningbo Municipal Commission of Commerce. Besides, as a special institution in charge of promoting the cooperation between Ningbo and CEEC, its major tasks are to organize the China-CEEC Expo and promote the cooperation with CEEC as well as countries along the Belt and Road in the field of investment and trade.
According to what is learned, Ningbo will take the establishment of the Agency as an opportunity to further enhance its cooperation and exchanges with CEEC, giving priority to four tasks and one development plan. To be specific, they are stepping up efforts in completing the establishment of the Agency; preparing for the 4th China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo (CEEC Expo); completing “16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone construction; making full preparations for CEEC Week; and further promoting the China-CEEC Expo into a higher level, a national economic and trade cooperation platform that serves CEEC, under the framework of “16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone, and providing a mechanism for safeguarding the “16+1” cooperation.
The Ningbo-CEEC Expo and Cooperation Agency will complement the cooperation between Ningbo and CEEC with clearly demarcated responsibilities, closer links, more various carriers, work experience of much convenience, as well as wider scope. Meanwhile, it is able to contribute to such major programs as Ningbo-CEEC Expo and construction of “16+1” economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone, being a positive impetus to Ningbo's new round of expansion and opening-up.



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