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Ningbo Sea-related Enterprises Accounts for 22% of Sea-related Industry
Updated:2017-12-02 09:53:00

According to Ningbo Ocean & Fisheries Administration, the strength of Ninbo sea-related economy was initially ascertained after the accomplishment of four-month date acquisition of 22,424 sea-related enterprises.
The investigation of marine economy was launched in full swing since July this year. The third-party investigation team composed of over 200 members from Ningbo Institute of Oceanography and Zhejiang Wanli University was built. Through many investigation methods, the team focuses on such works as the date sharing, the verification and comparison of information investigated through multiple channels and the daily supervision and quality control, ensuring quality and quantity of the investigation.
Currently, the checking work of the first stage of Ningbo sea-related economy investigation has been completed, with 11,646 investigation papers being collected. 7039 enterprises are excluded after the verification of identified materials. According to the initial findings, there are 2,884 sea-related enterprises among the 22,424 ones. Therefore, together with the identified 2,620 sea-related enterprises, Ningbo boasts 5,504 sea-related enterprises, which accounts for 22% of the sea-related industry.



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