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"Overseas Talents Tour in Ningbo" Project Promotion Held
Updated:2017-11-14 16:05:00

The "Overseas Talents Tour in Ningbo" financial technology entrepreneurship competition was held, in which, with their 7 projects, 9 overseas talents from the United States, Britain, Belgium and other countries took part.
On the promotion, stunning financial-tech projects take the investors’ breath away. The project of “self-service venture”, via technologies of quantization and artificial intelligence, achieves intelligent venturing, automatic media and quantitative venture capital. The "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Credit Rating" project brought by Team Belgium provides banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions with a fast and reliable automatic evaluation model of enterprise credit risk through big data analysis. The "Dodoc" project integrates personnel and processes and completes comprehensive audit tracking, which will save more than 50% of word processing time for enterprises.
Since the establishment of Zhejiang (Ningbo) work base for Overseas Talents Serving for China Action Plan in 2011, the “Overseas Talents Tour in Ningbo" has attracted more than 60 leaders of foreign science and technology communities and over 300 overseas high-level talents to investigate, negotiate in Ningbo and declare Ningbo high-end innovation team (individual) in " 3315 " Introduction Plan, which has yielded fruitful results in introducing overseas high-end technologies and talents and facilitating collaboration between overseas intelligence and Ningbo enterprises according to reports.



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