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Monthly import and export volume for Cixi goes upward
Updated:2017-11-12 10:40:00

Since the beginning of this year, the foreign trade in Cixi County has maintained an upward trend according to the statistics from the Cixi County Office of Ningbo CustomsFor the first three quarters, the total import and export volume of the county reached 55.6 billion yuan, up by 16.2% over the same period of last year, including 49.0 billion yuan for export volume, up by 14.3%, achieving a positive growth of monthly import and export volume for nine consecutive months. In August, the monthly import and export volume stood at 7.51 billion yuan, hitting a historical high.
Besides consolidating the traditional markets, the export enterprises of Cixi County have started to explore the market along the "Belt and Road" area. In the first nine months, the export volume to the "Belt and Road" countries increased dramatically, with those to Russia, Vietnam and Bangladesh increasing by 45.5%, 41.5% amd 25% respectively.
Mechanical and electrical products have long been the pillar products for the export trade for Cixi County. In the first three quarters, the export volume of the mechanical and electrical products reached 39.44 billion yuan, accounting for 80.5% of the total. The strong rebound of this kind of products has contributed to the turnaround of Cixi's outbound economy.



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