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Cross-strait Creative Forum held
Updated:2017-09-27 15:53:00

The 2017 Cross-strait Cultural Creative Forum was held in Fenghua District, because it was an important part of the Ningbo branch of the 2017 Zhejiang-Taiwan Cooperation Week.
Celebrities and creative giants from both Taiwan and Ningbo gathered at the forum to share the idea that culture is the soft strength of a city and discuss on the new cultural creative models and the cross-strait cooperation under the background of the future transformation of the urban industries.
It is reported that the forum is sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government and undertaken by Fenghua District Government. A lot of honored guests are invited to the forum, including Yu Qiuyu, a prominent writer and cultural figure, Gao Junxi, founder of Taiwan Global Views Commonwealth Publishing Group, Zhang Yi and Yang Huishan, co-founders of Liuli Gongfang, Yao Renlu, founder of the DX Creative House, Jiang Youbo, founder of DEM Inc. and Yang Mingjie, a famous designer.



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