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Colombia's Coffee Paradise
Updated:2017-12-06 16:09:00

Let's be clear: Finns are the world's leading coffee drinkers by a wide margin. Colombians don't even crack the top 30 in global coffee consumption per person. Until quite recently, native Colombians settled for a watery tinto while their finest beans were shipped around the world to be roasted and prepared by enterprising baristas. This unique relationship is best understood through a trip to the Zona Cafetera, a Colombian region where coffee is truly king.
This beautiful emerald valley lies between two Andean ranges south of Medellin and is speckled with many historic haciendas(coffee farms) where families have been growing the prized crop for generations. In Colombia, the specoalty is the high quality Arabica bean which thrives in the rolling volcanic hills that lend the area its distinct landscape.
In recent years, many of the haciendas have warmly opened up their plantations to tourists. The charming Hacienda la Venecia has a range of accommodations from luxury rooms to hostel dorms and offers expert guided tours of the plantation as well as self-guided birdwatching trails. Colombia's majestic national tree, the wax palm, grows throughout the Zona Cafetera and is especially abundant in the Cocora Valley nature reserve near Salento. To see the region in full coffee frenzy, visit during one of the two harvest seasons(April to May, October to December).



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