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Minghe Ancient Town
Updated:2017-12-05 15:41:00

Minghe Ancient Town is an important component of Zhejiang Provincial Scenic Spot Minghe-Shanglin Lake Scenic Spot: and within the scenic spot, there are deep and serene Wulei Mountain and Kaolao Mountain as well as the charming Du lake and Baiyang Lake; as the core of the scenic spot, Minghe Ancient Town has already had over 1200 years of history, within which, there are beautiful rivers and mountains, luxuriant humanism and abundant resources; besides, it is the only provincial famous historical and cultural town in Cixi xity. By the mountain, the ancient town has formed a beautiful scenery and the street are formed along the rivers; and the souithern part of the Ancient Town borders on the lake, and there is a temple beside the lake, and the fisherman and farmersthere all live beside the rivers, forming an unique feature of Minghe Ancient Town: an ancient landscape town.



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