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Ningbo Senior Seminar on Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe Was Unveiled
Updated:2017-07-14 17:58:00

On the morning of July12th, the 2017 Ningbo senior seminar on cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries was unveiled in Municipal Party School. This seminar was jointly organized by Organizational Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, the business committee of Ningbo, and Ningbo Municipal Party School, and was undertaken by Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Research Institute (Ningbo Research Institute of Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe). The seminar lasts 3 days.
This seminar focused on the implementation of the 2017 Key Work Points of Ningbo City in China-central and Eastern Europe Cooperation. By means of analyzing the current cooperation state between China (Ningbo) and central and eastern European countries and learning a series of courses about typical cases in the fields of economic and trade cooperation, cultural and educational exchanges, production capacity partnering, logistics, finance and so on, as well as making on-the-spot investigations and communications, the leading cadres of Ningbos related departments can further understand and be more familiar with the politics, economy, culture and many other aspects of central and eastern European countries. The comprehensive qualities and professional skills of the leading cadres can be improved so as to provide better service for the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Investment and Trade Expo as well as achieve the goal of making Ningbo as the one of the three first choice in terms of its cooperation with central and eastern European countries.


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