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Songlanshan Seaside Resort
Updated:2017-10-12 14:55:00

Songlanshan Seaside Resort is a provincial-level tourist spot 5 kilometers from Dancheng Town of Xiangshan County. Covering an area of 25 square kilometers, the Resort is well known for its vast bay, and abundance of fantastic reefs, capes, sand beaches, abrasion coast, and coast caves. Over the blue sea, the nine isles are scattered like a string of pearl necklace.
The Songlan Mountain Beach derives its name from the Songlan Mountain, which is related to some interesting folklores and legends. A legend about Songlan Mountain goes like this. Long long ago, along the vast sea around there was no mountain and therefore no harbor here. As a result, when the sea turned rough, the fishermen did not have a safe harbor to pull in to shore and many fishing boats were engulfed in the waves and many fishermen were killed. Later on, the Dragon King of the Sea, to show his mercy to the local people, decided that the seaside should have a mountain and he set a mountain on the seaside. With the appearance of this peninsula mountain, many gulfs came into being along the meandering coastal line. Thus, the place got its name "Songlan", meaning "a gift" in Chinese. In folklore it is believed that the name of the place originates from the pine trees and wild orchids on the mountain. The place is named Songlan for in Chinese "pine" and "orchid" are respectively pronounced "Song" and "Lan". However, some people insist that the name of the mountain is related to a moving story. It goes like this. Songlan Mountain was once the private estate of a rich and influential family in Shangyu Village. One day Mr. Yu, the head of the family, met a mishap on the sea and got saved by a young man named Mei Songshu from Meisongshu Village. Having escaped death, the thankful Mr. Yu married his daughter Miss Yu Lanhua to the young man and dowered the mountain to the Mei family. Thus the mountain was named after the couple "Song" and "Lan".



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