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Xiaoshi High School
Updated:2017-11-10 11:08:00

Founded in 1912, Ningbo Xiaoshi High School used to be a famous private school in Zhejiang province. It turned into a State-run school in 1956 adopting the new name "Ningbo No.5 Middle School ". In 1959 and 1978 it was twice listed among key high schools of the province. In 1980, it resumed the name of "Xiaoshi", and in the following year became one of first group of provincial key middle schools. In 1995, it was chosen to be among the first group of provincial first-class key middle schools, and in 1999 one of two provincial key middle schools authorized to launch the "provincial pilot class of science for innovative education".
In its history of over 90 years, the school has over 30,000 graduates, of whom are 9 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences like Tong Dizhou and 5 academicians of China Academy of Engineering like Hu Side. In Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee’s words, “Xiaoshi High School is a cradle of talented people for the whole world.” At present the school has 39 classes of over 1,800 students, and 197 teaching and working staff (including those working in Ningbo Foreign Language School).
In 1996, Ningbo Municipal Government invested RMB 100,000,000 to relocate and rebuild Xiaoshi High School, which was put to use in the autumn of 1999. The new school campus covers an area of 126mu, with floor space of 38,500 square meters. The school is commodious, supplied with advanced facilities and a library that boasts over 100000 volumes of books.
The school has always been known for its high standard in teaching of both science and art. Since 1912 and up till now it has produced more than 28,000 graduates who are all over the world, including Tong Dizhou, the former Vice Chairman of Chinese Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of Chinese Academy of Sciences and world-famous biologist, nine academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ji Yucu, Wen Wenbo, Dai Zenchuan, Li Qinkui, Zhu Zuxiang, Bao Wenkui, Chen Weizhong, Xu Zuyao and four academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Hu Side, Mao Yongze, Zhou Guangyao and Chen Zhaoyuan. Chen Fanhong, the first Miss Internet of China, also graduated from the school in 1994. In his letter to the school, Doctor Li Zhendao commended the school with the words "students and fruits around the world".
All along, the school has carried forward its tradition and laid down a policy of "adhering to principles, following rules, laying good foundations and producing qualified talents", with the target of " first class, high quality, good intellectual atmosphere, modernity and uniqueness ". The school advocates an "all-around, fundamental and high-standard" education and a teaching orientation featuring "better-positioned starting point, strict requirement, solid foundation, good ability, fine quality and strong stamina for progress". The students are taught to devote themselves to the Motherland and to do researches with a loving, inquisitive, practical and exact mind. Most of its graduates go to major universities and pursue their postgraduate studies, and still many go abroad for further study. The school has always come out as one of the best high schools of Zhejiang province in the graduation exams and the college entrance exams, as well as in various competitions. During the last six years, it has been for many times the collective winner of mathematics, physics and chemistry competitions for high school students of the country: 8 students carried away the first prize; 3 won the provincial "outstanding youngster" award; 1 won excellence award in the nation-wide physics competition for female students; and 1 was gold medallist in an Olympics maths competition of China. The extracurricular activities are also numerous with literature club, painting and calligraphy club, fans club and so on, all very active. In 1998, It carried away the first prize in the joint performance by nationwide primary and secondary schools and won great success in performances in Beijing sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television, and the Central Committee of the Chinese Youth League. The English teaching team of the school was awarded the title of "exemplary women post" in the education circles. While the school reaped its fruit from educational reform and quality education, it was awarded " Zhu Kezhen Prize' from Zhejiang University and was for many times chosen the advanced educational organization of the city and province. In recent years, it received such titles as advanced organization for ethics education, teaching and research, audio-visual education and PE education, plus a first prize for fundamental education. The school also received visiting teachers and students of USA, Australia, Japan and Singapore and has established a close relationship with Hopskin High School in USA, the Overseas Chinese High School and Nanyang High School for Women in Singapore.
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