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Vocational Education
Updated:2017-10-09 15:36:00

Vocational education caters for the needs generated by social and economic development in Ningbo. Vocational institutions concentrate on providing qualified educational programs to enhance graduates vocational skills and meet employers demands. Focusing on upgrading educational levels, the municipal government has achieved inspiring progress in vocational education. In 2008, there are 60 secondary vocational schools, among which there are 29 key schools of provincial and national level (including 20 national key schools). There are also 3 national key programs, 32 provincial demonstration programs, and 30 municipal modernization programs. In Ningbo, 9 internship bases are supported by central government budget, 8 provincial demonstration bases are awarded to train the skilled talents for advanced manufacturing industry and 10 internship bases for vocational education with the equipment value reaching more than 10 million RMB are awarded by the municipal authority. The vocational schools set over 80 majors in 20 categories, which cover the professions in primary, secondary and tertiary industry. A total of 4,723 teachers and over 80,000 students undertake teaching and studies in vocational schools. The ratio of junior middle school graduates who go to vocational and academic secondary schools remains at 1:1 in recent years. Since the introduction of reform and opening-up policy, secondary vocational schools have cultivated over 300,000 graduates for social and economic development of Ningbo. The vocational school graduates employment rate has been above 95% for several years, and reached 98.5% in 2008. At the 2008 National Skills Competition for Secondary Vocational School Students, Ningbo team achieved 7 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 19 bronze medals, with the total number of medals ranking the eighth among 37 teams.



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