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Higher Education
Updated:2017-10-03 10:54:00
In 2008, there are all together 15 higher education institutions in Ningbo, among which 5 are full-time universities, 8 are vocational and technical colleges, and 2 are adult institutes of higher learning. The total number of students in full-time higher education institutes reaches 133,000, which includes 2,275 full-time graduate students, 67,000 undergraduates, 64,000 vocational and technical college students. The number of students for adult higher education is 55,100.
The citys gross rate of student admission to higher education institutions is 48%. The gross fixed assets of the higher education institutions of Ningbo are 6.64 billion RMB and occupy a floor space of 4, 051,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipments reaches 1.396 billion RMB and the libraries hold a collection of some 9,023,700 volumes (excluding electronic books).
There are 6,829 academic staffs in Ningbo higher education institutions, including 2,597 professors and associate professors, 740 Ph.D., 2,366 Masters, 29 awarded and 56 candidates both for the title Prestigious Teacher in the universities in Ningbo. 6 Chair Professors have been employed as the first group of members of Program for Scholars around Yong River.  In Ningbo, there are 3 doctorate programs, 54 master degree programs. 3 Personnel- training Reform and Experiment Zone , 6 specialty construction programs, 17 distinguished courses (bilingual teaching) are awarded by the central government; 5 disciplines of the utmost importance, 13 key disciplines, 32 key programs and 67 distinguished courses are awarded by provincial authorities. Besides, there are also 2 key research bases on humanities and social science conducted at provincial colleges and universities, 1 key medical discipline specially supported by the provincial government budget. 28 key disciplines, 44 key programs are awarded by the municipal authority.


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