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Tea Houses
Updated:2017-10-15 11:10:00

Jiangnan Coffee & Tea House
Tel: 87348873
Address: 28, Park Road, Haishu District
Yicha Yizuo Tea Restaurant
Tel: 87278083
Address: 50, Rixin Road, Haishu District
Kongsanzhang Tea House
Tel: 87844496
Address: 106, Baizhang Road, Haishu District
Chaoran Pavilion Tea Bar
Tel: 87325272
Address: 66, Yanyue Street, Haishu District
Chunhuai Tea House 
Tel: 87331508
Address: 119, Zhaohui Road, Haishu District
The Li's Tea House 
Tel: 13306656727
Address: 27, Shuguang Road, Haishu District
Spring Tea House
Tel: 65556616
Address: 19, Xingning Road, Hiashu District
Tel: 13003774466, 87877888-2700
Address: 37, Xingning Road, Haishu District
Minggu Tea House
Tel: 87298223
Address: 150, Liuting Street, Haishu District
Red Rose Tea House 
Tel: 87284775
Address: 216, Cangshui Street, Haishu District
Mingxiange Tea Cafe
Tel: 87283312
Address: 63, Park Road, Haishu District
Century Red Tea House
Tel: 87344514
Address: 117, Gaotang Road, Jiangbei District



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