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List of Bars
Updated:2017-09-01 16:47:00
No. 88 Bar
Address: 2nd floor, Entertainment Area, 7th Gate, Tianyi Square
Business Hour: 1900-0400
Legend Bar
Address: No. 56, Shuguang Road, Jiangdong District
Telephone: 0574-87727999
Business Hour: 1900-0200
New Myth Bar
Address: Maidelong Road, Yinzhou District
Telephone: 28888998 28888999
Business Hour: 1900-0400
Dubai Bar
Address: No. 3, Old Bund
Telephone: 0574-27888277 27888278
Business Hour: 1900-0200
New Myth Bar
Address: 2nd/3rd floor, No. 298 , Kaiming Road
Telephone: 0574-87280574
Business Hour: 1900-0400


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