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NingboBang Museum
Updated:2017-12-14 15:34:00

NingboBng Museum is located in north higher education district, next to Ningbo University. There is one comprehensive exhibition hall and six themed halls in the museum. The comprehensive exhibition hall displays the outline of origin of NingboBang in the Tang and Song Dynasty, development in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, transition in Republic of China and intergration in modern days; themed halls display in categories of the achievement NingboBang have made in fields of sailing, economy, trade, enterpreneurship, education and other fields.
Add: No.255, Siyuan Road, Zhuangshi Town, Zhenhai District(next to Ningbo University)
Open Time: 9:00-16:00, close on Monday and open during public holidays
Tel: 0574-56800600
Price: Free



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