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Ningbo-style cake museum opens
Updated:2017-08-30 11:13:00

The Zhao Dayou Ningbo-style Cake Museum, located at Ningbo Antique City, marking the opening of another museum featuring "China's Time-honored Brand".
Founded during the Tongzhi Period of Qing Dynasty by Zhao Peide, the Zhao Dayou Cake Shop has a long history of over 150 years. The Zhao Dayou Ningbo-style cake has then become a household brand for traditional food in Ningbo. In June 2015, the craftsmanship of the Ningbo-style cakes was listed as a municipal intangible cultural heritage project.
The newly opened museum has an exhibition area of about 3000 square meters, covering the three blocks for processing exhibition, exhibit display and exhibition experience respectively. The exhibits include the production tools for the Zhao Dayou cakes during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China period and over 300 related articles for daily use by the founders of the cake shop.



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