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Ningbo Old Bund
Ningbo Old Bund, through the preservation of historical buildings and neighborhood style, implantation of new urban culture, will be a heavy history and the desire to develop the perfect combination.   The building is rich in European style, in contrast t...
First immersion theme park opens in Ningbo
The first phase of the China Sea Movie City, the "Marine Legend" Theme Park, jointly built by Zhejiang Radio & TV Group and Xiangshan County Government is opened to the public in Xiangshan County. It is reported that this is the first "immersion" movie & TV...
The Fashion of Ancient village
There are many wall paintings in Qinyong Village, Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District. The stylish wall paintings are combined with the plants in the natural environment, depicting many imaginative and interesting pictures. Yesterday villagers were walking past t...
Ningbo-style cake museum opens
The Zhao Dayou Ningbo-style Cake Museum, located at Ningbo Antique City, marking the opening of another museum featuring "China's Time-honored Brand".   Founded during the Tongzhi Period of Qing Dynasty by Zhao Peide, the Zhao Dayou Cake Shop has a long h...
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