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Ningbo "1112" Project Introduces 10 High-end Talents and 100 Academic Leaders
Updated:2018-01-11 17:23:00

One more Chinese Academy of Engineering academician comes to Ningbo to set up his studio. The Ningbo City Second Hospital held the signing ceremony of "Academician Li Lanjuan’s Studio". Meanwhile, there established the Academician Remote Consultation center and the Eastern Zhejiang Infectious Diseases Precise Diagnosis Center were founded. Up till now, the Ningbo health and family planning system has set up 9 academician workstations (Studios).
One of the biggest challenge faced by the medical and health cause in Ningbo is the lack of high-end leading personnel. Compared with the advanced cities, Ningbo’s the superior specialties (clinical disciplines) and clinical characteristic specialties are not outstanding enough, and Ningbo is lacking in the leading talents (teams). Some medical emerging subjects have great difficulty in recruiting high-end talents. In the future, Ningbo is going to introduce more high-end medical and health professionals such as academicians, academic leaders and technical leaders to create a gathering place for high-quality and high-end medical and health talents.
To accelerate the construction of “Famous Physicians, Famous Specialties and Famous Hospitals”, and to provide a strong talent support for the “Healthy Ningbo”, Ningbo is to introduce a new health personnel policy and launches the" 1112 "project of health talents. According to the plan, by the end of 2020, 10 high-end talents (including flexible), 100 academic leaders, it will have introduced 100 technical leaders, 100 excellent doctors and 200 excellent young talents.
In order to attract excellent professionals, Ningbo will also provide supporting policies to provide as much as one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan for the newly-introduced or flexibly-introduced high-end talents as well as extraordinarily excellent or badly needed disciplinary leaders and technical leaders.
When introducing high-end health personnel, Ningbo is also going to establish a good educational platform. This 200 or so professional and technical personnel will be sent to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and France to participate in academic conferences and short-term trainings and more than 20 in-service technical personnel will be selected to study for doctorate.



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