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Shangtian Town Held Strawberry Culture Festival
Updated:2018-01-10 16:15:00

Located at the entrance to Lengxi Village, Shangtian Town, Fenghua District, the stone sculpture of strawberry god of longevity attracted about 3,000 visitors whose enthusiasm to taste delicious strawberries wasnt wiped out by the rain.
Selecting the King of Strawberry is a traditional activity of every strawberry culture festival. Lv Daoen from Fangmen Village won the gold prize among 24 strawberry farmers, chosen as the 2018 King of Strawberry. Meanwhile, his basket of strawberries was auctioned and Shangtian Branch of Fenghua Rural Commercial Bank got those strawberries with RMB 10,000 at the auction. The money will be used for financial aid of education. To relieve the financing pressure of strawberry farmers, Shangtian Branch of Fenghua Rural Commercial Bank provided the farmers with a credit granting of RMB 15 million on the opening ceremony.
As one of the most popular youth-creative bazaars in Ningbo, Liduo Bazaar was set at the entrance to the village, integrating many creative strawberry products such as strawberry desserts, strawberry ornaments and strawberry stationery. Many people were attracted to enjoy and buy the products.
Creative desserts made by members of Agricultural Young Maker Space of Shangtian Village satisfied the appetite of many kids, strawberry puffs, strawberry chocolates and strawberry cakes included.
Shangtian strawberries are sold farther and farther through the Internet. Driven by e-commerce and the strawberry-picking tour, the strawberry sales of Shangtian reached RMB 170 million in 2017, up 15.3% from a year earlier. Furthermore, more and more farmers engage in tourism services. Shangtian received over 200,000 tourists and gained tourism income of over RMB 20 million in 2017. In the future, the strawberry planting villages will continue to work together, improving the infrastructure of tourism and the traveling quality of tourists.



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