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Ningbo Starts Workers’ Vocational Skills Competition
Updated:2018-01-09 14:42:00

The 2018 Ningbo workers'vocational skills competition was held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Centre. As the first large opening competition, it attracted over 1400 teachers and students from 39 Ningbo vocational and technical schools to take part in.
It is learned from reporters on the spot that there are 39 technical competitive programs, including robot technology application, intelligent home installation and maintenance and bridal makeup.
What’s worth mentioning is that many officials from intelligent manufacturing enterprises visit here, attempting to recruit talents before Chinese New Year.
Su Binghan, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Zhiqian IOT Technology Co., Ltd, paid a business visit to Ningbo and watched the competition of intelligent controlling and debugging for a full one hour.  He said, “To be frank, it is difficult for we companies of the Internet of Things to hire talents who are skillful in electricity, computers and mechanical manufacturing.” However, he found some talents after the visit and returned from a rewarding journey.
As the implementation of China’s intelligent manufacturing strategy, an increasing number of enterprises keep abreast of the situation. At the current transitory or starting stage, most enterprises are badly in need of talents.
Officials from Ningbo Education Bureau stated that Ningbo had held the annual vocational skills competition for teachers and students from vocational and technical schools since 2004. The competition held this year was closer to the industries and job needs. It was expected to lead the reform of vocational education, drive the building of modern vocational education system, improve the system of vocational education and training and carry forward “workmanship”. Later, students of secondary vocational schools will be cultivated comprehensively and talents will be in higher quality.
Vocational schools of Ningbo and other cities took part in the competition, including those of Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Wuhan. Over 7,000 people were attracted to watch the competition, guests from Zhejiang and other provinces, teachers and students from vocational schools and officials from enterprises included.



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