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Ningbo TV Station Held Awards Night of Ningbo’s First Recital Competition
Updated:2017-11-30 15:03:00

The Awards Night of 2017 Ningbo First Recital Competition was held at Ningbo TV Station, which was hosted by Publicity Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, Ningbo Culture, Radio, Television, Press & Publication Bureau, Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Radio & Television Group and co-organized by Ningbo Economics Radio Station, Ningbo Publishing House, Ningbo Library and Xinhua Bookstore Ningbo Branch.
About 4,000 competitors participated in the three-month competition, among whom the youngest is only four years old and the oldest 91 years old. They are from all walks of life, college teachers, blind masseurs, polices and public procurators included. After 33 trials, 30 group of competitors were standing out in the contest, being awarded such titles as “the annual top ten readers”, “the most beautiful readers” and “the best reading families”. Among them, Mu Shanzi won the title of the best annual reader.
The summary and recalling of 2017 Ningbo First Recital Competition were given on the awards night. Begun with the recital of poem Read Ningbo performed by eight hosts in chorus, the awards night was linked by such three themes as “hearing the voice of a city”, “meeting a crowd of people” and “passing on love”, showing the elegant recital of competitors. The soulful and exquisite recital performance of competitors won the applause. Moreover, some well-known sound artists gave a performance as well, making the awards night more wonderful.
The reading enthusiasm of Ningbo citizens are motivated by the competition, which reflects their desire for a happy life.



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