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Ningbo Established Branch of DRC Economic Research Institute
Updated:2017-11-28 15:07:00

The opening ceremony of the Donghai (East China Sea) Branch of DRC Economic Research Institute (DRCERI), co-established by DRCERI and Ningbo Daily Group, was unveiled in Ningbo.
Approved by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), DRCERI is run by the China Economic Times which enjoys superiority with experts and media resources, representing a high-end think tank of China and playing a leading role of brain trust for government. The Institute has focused on rendering services and conducted in-depth investigations and researches over the years, as a result, providing a great number of research outcomes and suggestions of high quality and contributing to China's economic and social development.
It is reported that the Institute is established for further enhancing the cooperation between Ningbo and the DRC, and providing intellectual resources for Ningbo with the support of national high-end think tank and platform for exchanges and communications so as to promote regional cooperation. Situated in Ningbo, the Donghai Branch serves Zhejiang and  Yangtze River Delta regions, and carries out in-depth investigations and researches, which will be published as think tank report, on such projects as Ningbo “Belt and Road” Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Pilot City Construction for Made in China 2025 Initiative, Bay Area Economy, Port Economy, Open Economy and Cultural Innovation by virtue of the strength of the DRC. Meanwhile, being a qualified adviser and assistant of the government, the Branch will endeavor to make its contribution to the economic and social development of the eastern coastal areas.
It is learned from experts that the cooperation between DRCERI and Ningbo Daily Group is an outcome of following current economic trend, which is conducive to integrating think tank resources and attracting talents, thus, injecting new forces into Ningbo’s economic and social development.
Over 200 people attended the ceremony, including leaders and experts from DRC, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, leading cadres from Ningbo’s publicity departments of districts and counties’ committees, and responsible officials from municipal departments, enterprises and universities.



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