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Zhenhai starts Sci-tech achievement transformation week
Updated:2017-11-12 11:50:00

The 2017 China Technology Market Forum as well as the 2nd Sci-tech Achievement Transformation Week kicked off in Zhenhai District. This is the first activity of its kind held by a pilot zone at the district or county level since the beginning of the construction of the first national demonstration zones for sci-tech achievement transformation and transfer in Zhejiang Province.
In August this year, Zhenhai District was included in the first batch of national demonstration zones for sci-tech achievement transformation and transfer. "The technology 'go-betweens' have made great contributions." said Li Dejun, Director of the Zhenhai District Bureau of Science and Technology. There are now about 150 technology brokers in the district, who have promoted the transformation of about 100 projects with the turnover of over 80 million yuan.
It is reported that during the week, the 2017 China Technology Market Forum will be held. Some other major activities will be held, including the final of the 1st Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest by the Youth Promotion Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the awarding ceremony of the 12th "Zhenhai Cup" International Innovation Design Competition, and the special autumn session of the sci-tech achievements auction in Zhenhai District.
At the opening ceremony, the Ningbo Industrial Park by Xidian University and Zhenhai Science and Technology Market are awarded as the provincial incubators. Several entrepreneurship projects such as the 3rd Xidian University Alumni Competition and the 1st Youth Promotion Committee (of CAS) Competition were signed at the ceremony for settlement in Zhenhai District.





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