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Yinzhou District chosen as pilot for youth campus football
Updated:2017-11-11 11:24:00

Zhejiang Provincial Education Department has recently released the list of the 2017 youth campus football schools and pilot counties (or districts) in Zhejiang Province, among which Yinzhou District is included as the only one pilot district in Ningbo and five schools in the district chosen as the youth campus football-featured schools.
The newly chose five schools are the No.2 Experimental Primary School of Yinzhou District, Donghu Primary School, Jinjiacao Primary School, Shuguang Middle School and Zhonggongmiao Middle School. Thus, there are now 12 youth campus football-featured schools at the provincial level in the district. In addition, there are nine state-level youth campus football schools in the district.
The district has long been attaching great importance to the campus football work. The campus football sport has been included in the five-year development planning of the district and such related departments as development & reform, finance, sports and football association are making joint efforts to promote the development of the district's campus football sport.
A district-school competition system has been adopted by the district with the campus football sport as a major sport for sports competition. All the schools have conducted internal games, football carnivals and football-themed activities to promote the football culture and integrate the sport to the campus life.



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