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Ningbo held High-end young talents interaction activity
Updated:2017-11-11 10:23:00

The high-end young talents interaction activity was held in Ningbo, jointly sponsored by Ningbo Commission of Communist Youth League, the Talent Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Commission of Communist Youth League of Zhejiang University. The activity aims to promote such major programs as the "Belt and Road" comprehensive test zone in Ningbo, the construction of Ningbo as the pilot city for "Made in China 2025" and the construction of Ningbo as an independent innovation demonstration zone in southeast Zhejiang Province.
A total of 33 high-level young talents from such subject fields as medicine, electrical engineering, machinery, energy, software and environmental resources from Zhejiang University attended the activity. They conducted an inspection of such industrial parks as the Southern Business District of Ningbo, Ningbo National University Sci-tech Park, Zhejiang 1000-talents Plan Industrial Park, and Ningbo Smart Manufacturing Industry Institute. They also visited such sci-tech enterprises as the Bowei Group and Xinhai Technology Group to learn about the supporting policies and the entire environment for entrepreneurship and innovation in Ningbo. A face-to-face exchange on the new talent policies in Ningbo was conducted during the process.



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