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Report for energy-saving industry released
Updated:2017-11-10 10:55:00

An investment of 20 million yuan in design and research and development of the energy-saving industry has led to a sales volume of 250 million yuan. Promoted by such factors as the acceleration of the ecological civilization construction and the enhancing of the social public energy-saving awareness, the energy-saving and environment protection industry has witnessed the release of the potential market demands with an accelerated speed. For the first three quarters this year, the large-scale enterprises of the energy saving industry in Ningbo achieved a total industrial added value of 6.082 billion yuan, up by 9.8% over the same period of last year.
Reportedly, the energy saving and environment protection industry consists of the four subdivisions as high-efficiency energy saving, advanced environment protection, resource recycling and energy-saving and environment-protection services. To be specific, the electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturing of the high-efficiency energy saving division accounts for the largest proportion (approximately 50%) of the whole industry.
According to experts, as an important pillar of economic growth and a major field for sci-tech innovation, the energy saving and environment protection industry is currently ushering in an excellent opportunity for development. In the future, the industry will transform from the material and technological support for environment protection to the pillar industry of the "green economy". There is definitely much room for development for the "made in Ningbo" enterprises.



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