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Maker 157 Innovation Park selected as pilot park by MIIT
Updated:2017-11-09 16:14:00

Recently, the Maker 157 Innovation Park of the Beyond Group has been selected as a pilot park by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, being the first of its kind in Ningbo to be included in the shortlist.
As the first private-funded incubation park, the Maker 157 Innovation Park integrates such functions as administration, business incubation, investment and financing services, talent apartments, sports centers and catering, with a total area of 14,234 square meters and a total investment of 67 million yuan. So far, over 80 enterprises have settled down at the park, leading to a settlement rate of 82%. Among others, there are 63 textile and fashion enterprises with 67 designers. In 2016, the park achieved a total sales volume of 14.8 billion yuan.
By taking advantage of the resources of the Beyond Group, the park adopts the "self-administrated community" concept to provide one-stop entrepreneurial services for the business-starting teams. According to a person in charge from the park, this mechanism made it possible for the park to incubate 17 textile and fashion brands in 2016 and attract a total financing volume of 42.71 million yuan for 18 enterprises or organizations.


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