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Safety supervision network builds for farm produce in Ningbo
Updated:2017-10-10 16:35:00

Ningbo has actively engaged in building the supervision network for the farm produce quality safety by solving the existing problems by taking advantage of the construction of the "national quality safety city for farm produce".So far, six districts or counties in Ningbo, Fenghua District, Xiangshan County, Cixi County, Yuyao County, Ninghai County and Zhenhai District, have passed the examination of the quality safety districts or counties at the provincial level, making Ningbo a leading city with the largest number of such districts or counties in Zhejiang Province.
The city has adopted the idea of "green development" and implemented the standardized production. It has set the standards in ecological recycling and farm produce safety to promote the transfer of the focus from major farm produce group standards and technology standards to the management standards. The standardization idea has been included in various kinds of agricultural projects and implemented in the whole process of the agricultural production. So far, there are 216 agricultural standardized demonstration zones at all levels, 85 standardized large-scale pig farms and 40 standardized agricultural demonstration towns or townships. The standardized production rate of the agriculture in Ningbo has reached 64%.



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