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Chinese Cheongsam Show Unveiled in Ningbo Museum
Updated:2017-10-09 15:20:00

A huge catwalk was set on the ground floor of Ningbo Museum where models dressed in various cheongsams presenting the techniques and designs of Chinese cheongsam with their graceful postures, it is truly a bustling scene. This was the first activity organized by Ningbo Museum to celebrate the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival—“Cheongsam Show in Museum”, responding to its “Centennial Fashion: Exhibition of Hong Kong Long Gown”.
On holidays, citizens prefer to pay a visit to museums. This year, similar to last year, a major number of visitors came with their families, meanwhile, the number of non-local tourists has increased greatly. The museum receives around eight thousand visitors on the first day of the long break.
Ningbo Museum prepared three temporary exhibitions with various themes, in addition to permanent exhibitions, for this long holiday. They are “Cao Qiyong Couple’s Donation-Exhibition of Precious Lacquerware”, “Centennial Fashion: Exhibition of Hong Kong Long Gown” and the “Echoes of Civilization: Beauty of Masterpiece”, a series exhibition of the Asia Art Festival.
Special themed activities can also be assumed as the highlight of this year’s event with a daily themed activity for each day of the eight-day holiday. The cheongsam show presented on the first day conveyed the Chinese aesthetic to the audience, while the engagement of children indicated that cheongsam, the clothing with a sign of the times, still could be integrated into the contemporary life. It also had cheongsam making-process display and Q&A game on site, which created buzzing atmosphere.
It is learned that the Ningbo Museum also arranges such Belt and Road themed activities as device and model building, mooncake making and exotic construction building for the following vacation.



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