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Meishan Port Received Over 6000 Imported CBU Vehicles
In 2017, a total of 6360 completely built-up cars in 2521 orders were imported via the Meishan Port, with a total value of US$370 million, up by 59.6%, 7.1% and 47.6% respectively over the previous year, according to the latest statistics from Ningbo Inspec...
Yinzhou District Built New Theme Park
The improvement project of the Danfeng Park has recently been completed and approved, thus resulting in a new community park with the theme of “osmanthus blossoms and graceful phoenix”. The park is now an ideal place for the leisure activities of the comm...
Ningbo's Manufacturing Expands Rapidly
The value added of industrial enterprises above designated size in Ningbo, Zhejiang province reached 326.67 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 9.6 percent, according to the city's economic and information technology committee.   Industrial e...
Fenghua Held First Spring Festival Shopping Exhibition
With the coming of the Spring Festival, the citizens have begun to make the special purchases for the festival. The first Spring Festival shopping exhibition, involving both the featured local products and the imported products, will be held at the Yuelin S...
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