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Updated:2017-11-04 11:50:00

Zhenhai District is located to the mouth of the Yongjiang River. With Zhoushan Archipelago to the east, Ningshao Plain to the west, Beilun Port to the south and Hangzhou Bay to the north, Zhenhai covers an area of 218 km2, and owns 21 km coastal line and a population of 200,000. Its jurisdiction encompasses 2 towns and 4 neighborhoods.
In recent years, economic and social development in Zhenhai takes new steps year by year. Its GDP hits RMB 10.357 billion yuan in 2002 (4.84 billion of which belonged to the district). The financial income hits RMB 929 million yuan. The average income of each resident in the urban area reached RMB 12500 yuan.
Zhenhai has three advantages, namely: harbor, large projects and hometown of many overseas Chinese. As a part of Ningbo port, there are 18 berths with the designing shipping capability of 13.35 million tons including both the first special 10-thousand-ton berth and the biggest so-thousand-ton one for liquid chemical products in China. and the biggest so thousand ton berth for highed chemical products in China. The local industries are developed in the district. There are more than 1,000 enterprises including chemical industry, textile, machinery, electronic instrument, light industry and building material. 12 categories and about 100 kinds of products are exported. Zhenhai is also the national key development area. There are more than 30 large state-run enterprises in Zhenhai, such as Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., the third Petrochemical Corp., Zhenhai Power Plant, etc



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