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Inquiry Time:£º2017/12/5 14:18:38                                        >>Consultation<<
Daisy£ºI want to travel in Yuyao. Can you recommend some appealing tourist attractions?

Answer£ºHello, Yuyao is a city with famous tourist sites. You can go to Siming Mountain National Forest Park, Danshan Chishui Scenic Area and Hemudu Site Museum. If you have any quetions, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/11/20 10:43:10                                        >>Consultation<<
Blair£ºCan you recommend 5-star hotels in Ningbo?

Answer£ºGood afternoon, the followings are 5-star hotels in Ningbo. 1.Pan Pacific Hotel Add: No.99 Minan East Road, East New City 2.Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo Add: No.230 Liuting Strees, Haishu District 3.Nanyuan Universe Hotel Add: No 1288 Yinxian Road, Yinzhou District 4.Ningbo Shangri-La Hotel Add: No.88 Yuyuan Street, Yinzhou District 5.Ningbo Marriott Hotel Add: No.188 Heyi road, Haishu District If you have any question, please call this number 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/11/8 11:46:14                                        >>Consultation<<
Emma£ºWhere is the bus stop of airport and how is the price of Airport bus?

Answer£ºThe bus stop of airport is passenger transport center, south railway station and Xingning Road Civil Aviation parking lot and the price is 12 yuan. If you have any questions, please call 0574-87279988
Inquiry Time:£º2017/11/2 9:46:14                                        >>Consultation<<
Andy£ºI want to go hiking with my family. Can you recommend some kinds of Hiking trail around Ningbo?

Answer£ºHello Andy. You can choose the following four hiking trails. 1.Tingxiling hiking trail. Address: Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City 2.Huangniling hiking trail. Address: Shangzhou Village, Tangxi Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo City 3.Yange hiking trail. Address: Liangnong Village, Yuyao City 4.Zhilin hiking trail. Address: Zhilin Village, Dayin Town, Yuyao City If you have any questions, please call 0574-87279988
Inquiry Time:£º2017/10/23 11:31:55                                        >>Consultation<<
Bard£ºWith the weather get colder and colder, where is the hot spring nearby Ningbo?

Answer£ºDear Bard. Glad to help you. Ninghai hot spring is one of the top three hot springs in China, and there are full of more than 20 kinds of mineral substances and microelements which are of great benefit to the health. It is in shenzhen town Ninghai county. You can take bus in Ningbo South bus station. Hope you have a nice day. If you have any question, please call 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/10/16 9:30:18                                        >>Consultation<<
Oliver£ºHi.Do you have any English travel information about Ningbo? And where I can get thhis kind of book?

Answer£ºHello,Oliver. You can get Ningbo travel guide in Ningbo travel information center. The address is : Jiangbei district Zhongma road 157-159. If you have any question,please call this number 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/10/10 14:17:52                                        >>Consultation<<
Angelina£ºGood afternoon, Can you help give some introduction about xikou? I will go to xikou with my family.

Answer£ºDear Angelina, welcome to Ningbo! Xikou Xuedou Mountain is the National key Scenic Spot in Ningbo. You can visit Grand Buddha of Maitreya and Xuedou Temple. Besides, Xikou also has cultural attractions like House of Chiang, Spacious Yard of Republic of China and Wenchang Pavilion. Hope you have a nice day in Xikou. If you have any question, please call this number 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/10/9 16:19:10                                        >>Consultation<<
Aaron£ºHi. What is the ticket price of Ningbo marine world?

Answer£ºHello, very glad to help you. The adult price of Ningbo marine world is 160 yuan, and the child ticket is 110yuan. A family of three is 390yuan. If you have any question, please call this number 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2017/9/29 10:03:30                                        >>Consultation<<
Stanford£ºGood morning. I want to know how to go to Tianyi Pavilion from Ningbo Railway Station?

Answer£ºHello,Stanford.Welcome to Ningbo. We are glad to help you.You can take No.26 bus on Ningbo Railway Station North Square and get off at Tianyi Pavilion station. If you have any question,please call this number 0574-87279988.
Inquiry Time:£º2009/6/20 0:34:49                                        >>Consultation<<
Jason£ºHi there, I am looking for data on tourism in Ningbo (and surrounding towns: Fenghua, Cixi, Yuyao, Shaoxing etc). I am looking for the amount of tourists visiting Ningbo each year, how much do hey spend, where are the favourite tourism destinations in Ningbo. May I know where to obtain the data? Best regards, Jason

Answer£ºHello.We would like to help you.Please call this number:0574¡ª87175571¡£
Inquiry Time:£º2009/5/23 13:47:29                                        >>Consultation<<
Christian£ºpse update yr homepage (e.g. events 2009) and insert a calendar for cultural events such as concerts, opera, exhibitions and especially where and when to listen to classical music and western opera

Answer£ºHi,Christian,thanks for ur suggestion.Our english website will change and update in next month.It will take some time for changing and updating.But we will make sure to add those informations for our new version.Thanks again for ur advice.
Inquiry Time:£º2009/5/5 16:18:11                                        >>Consultation<<
becky£ºTour Festival: May 2008-03-13 The festival is held in Ningbo County, known as ¡°the National Model of Ecological County¡±. The fantastic scenery in the county once attracted the famous historical tourist Xu Xiake, who wrote a number of verses to depict its beauty. It should be "Ninghai county",not Ningbo county, a big mistake!!!

Answer£ºthanks for your advice,ninghai county is belong to ningbo county.
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