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Ningbo Held New Materials Exhibition
宁波新材料展会.jpg The three-day 2017 China (Ningbo) International Advanced Material Technology and Industry Exposit...
Magic Show in Ningbo
魔术表演.jpg Dong Liang, a professional magician, carried out a magic show that amazed the audience at the Mer...
·Ningbo Cooperates with Jintang Island
·Kuke Music Database Lead into Ningbo
·Ningbo Established National Offshore Creati...
·Ningbo Cultural Plaza Lighting Show Festiva...
·Foreign Trade's First "license portfolio"
·CAM Zhejiang Branch Settles Down at Damu Bay
·China and Australia Signed AEO Mutual Recog...
·Yue Kiln Sites Entitled as National Archeol...
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Ningbo Held Innovation And Entreprene...
宁波高校创业竞赛.jpg The 6th "Challenge" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Vocational Colleges in Zhejiang Province was held at Ningbo...
Extracurricular Activities
课外活动.jpg Over 1000 students of Siyanqi Middle School take part in 46 extracurricular activity classes after the online selection. With t...
·Ningbo Will hold International Advanced Mat...
·Ningbo Established First Industrial Cloud P...
·Ningbo's "Art Popularization" Platform
·Greets Tourists with Characteristic Activit...
·Publicity Pictures Painted on Umbrellas
·Communities Installed Science Popularizing ...
·Hot Soybean Milk for the Community Elderly
·Ningbo Four Newly-elected CAS and CAE Members
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  Inquiry Time:2017/12/5 14:18:38
  Daisy:I want to travel in Yuyao. Can you recommend some appealing tourist attractions?
  Inquiry Time:2017/11/20 10:43:10
  Blair:Can you recommend 5-star hotels in Ningbo?
  Inquiry Time:2017/11/8 11:46:14
  Emma:Where is the bus stop of airport and how is the price of Airport bus?
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Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone (NETD), being one of the earliest and largest national development zones was officially established in October in 1984.   Located at the seashore of the East China Sea, east in Ningbo city and near Beilun Port, NETD ranges 614 square kilometers and is 27 kilometers far from the city center. Over the past 29 years, NETD has become the first choice f...
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宁波帮博物馆.jpg 紫林坊.jpg 宁波科学探索中心.jpg 宁波美术馆.jpg
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·Mausoleum of the First Qin Em...
·Harnorland Themed Park
·Colorful Beijing
·Cixi Hangzhou Bay Universe Hotel
·Cuisines in Ningbo--Seafood
·Ningbo Cuisine
·Malaysian Cuisine
·Papa John's--PIZZA
·List of Cafes
·“Gang Ya Gou” Desserts
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·CMK Music House
·Bar Constellation
·Theaters and Cinemas
·Tea Houses
·Honey Stone
·Photo Studios
·Market for Specialties
·Department Stores
·Bycle&E-bike Stores
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·Organs Donations in China
·Medical Solution For Cancer T...
·Shanghai hospital banks breas...
·Prolonged TV viewing may incr...
·Drug Store
·Quan Zuwang
·Teacher Shortage in Shanghai ...
·Yu Shinan
·Tibetan Art: Tangka Painting
·Huizhen Academy
·Qian Xuesen
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