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Ningbo University Held Public Welfare
宁波大学公益专场音乐会.jpg A special new-year concert was held at Ningbo University, where the musicians from the Finger Mus...
Cixi Enterprises Won National Technol...
慈溪企业.jpg At the awarding meeting of the National Technology Awards, Ningbo Jianxin and Zhejiang Easun were...
·"Green passage" Is Open to Insurance Talent...
·Yinzhou District Will Build Major Construct...
·Painting on Organza Exhibited
·Ningbo's Culture Industry Sees Steady Growth
·Added Value of Large-scale Industrial Enter...
·Ningbo's "one-window" Standard Platform For...
·Ningbo’s Wooden Furniture Sold Well in Eur...
·Incoming Overseas Capital (Investment) in P...
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Meishan Port Received Over 6000 Impor...
梅山港.jpg In 2017, a total of 6360 completely built-up cars in 2521 orders were imported via the Meishan Port, with a total value of US$3...
Yinzhou District Built New Theme Park
丹凤公园.jpg The improvement project of the Danfeng Park has recently been completed and approved, thus resulting in a new community park wi...
·Ningbo's Manufacturing Expands Rapidly
·Fenghua Held First Spring Festival Shopping...
·Eye-catching Scene in Yinzhou District
·Yinzhou District Held Needlework Culture Ex...
·Largest Kindergarten of Fenghua District To...
·Gulin Rice Food Festival
·Ningbo’s Annual Industrial Water Supply Ex...
·Era of “Sharing Agricultural Machinery”
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  Inquiry Time:2018/1/15 15:37:10
  Joyce:Hi good afternoon. Where can we pick up sweet strawberries?
  Inquiry Time:2018/1/2 15:51:18
  Irene:Good afternoon! Where can I go to travel countryside tourist attractions?
  Inquiry Time:2017/12/18 14:47:41
  May:Withe the weather get colder and colder, our family wants to go skiing. Which place can we go?
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Profile   Authorized by the State Council in January, 2002, Ningbo Free Trade Zone constructed its south area by land displacement, which covers a total area of 0.4 square kilometers. The Free Trade Zone has the functions of import and export manufacturing, international trading, bonded storage and products display. Later on, in June, 2002, the State Council approved the establishment of Zhej...
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天宫庄园.jpg 宁波梁祝公园.jpg 十里红妆博物馆.jpg 宁波帮博物馆.jpg
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·Lushan National Park
·Beaver Run Resort
·Ningbo Teckon Ciel Hotel
·Drum Tower
·Kulangsu, a Historic Internat...
·LA REGINA Italian Restaurant
·L'Arome Express
·Seven Reataurant
·Cuisines in Ningbo--Seafood
·Ningbo Cuisine
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·No.1 Club
·Easy Bar
·CMK Music House
·Bar Constellation
·Theaters and Cinemas
·Hongtai Plaza
·Metro Ningbo
·Photo Studios
·Market for Specialties
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  Culture & Education more>>
·Tibet Will Open Large Women's...
·Comics Guide To Childbirth
·Australian Study: High-protei...
·Eating More Tomatoes And Fruits
·Smart Fitness Equipment in NW...
·Xie Lingyun
·Lu Xun
·Zhu Shunshui
·Wedding Custom: 'Ninghai Ten-...
·Quan Zuwang
·Teacher Shortage in Shanghai ...
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